Vida Soy Sweet

Hi there! First of all, explaining the my blog title and general username:


This is VitaSoy! Granted, it’s a lot fancier than the average (they had tiramisu? who knew), but it’s a brand originating in HongKong that makes a ton of delicious soy products, like juice-box tea and soymilk. (Hint: their tagline is “Sip it. Love it. Live it.”)

I’m not from HongKong. I’m a college student from the NY/NJ area actually, with a mainland Chinese heritage and a penchant for bad puns. My name is actually Vida, and as Vidasoy additionally becomes some mangled Spanish phrase [vida = life, soy = I am], I decided to use that theme for a blog. Look, I stopped taking Spanish 2nd year of high school, so you can tell how that took, but even I know how grammatically incorrect it is. My Mandarin skills are only speaking level fluent. Don’t expect any Spanish.

That being said, what is the point of this blog? Well, “Life, I am Sweet!” sounds pretty general. But being trapped in the day-to-day existence of an NYU college student, you realize you are privileged beyond belief but don’t always feel it. This blog is about all of the silly adventures that being an almost-adult-but-not-quite faces in the jaded populace of NYC, and attempts to remind you in the end there are still things to look forward to. I know I am in constant need of that reminder as well.

What else am I?

actual books I shelve in NYU Bobst library
actual books I shelve in NYU Bobst library

If they ever cataloged me, I’d like to be an ASIAN-AMERICAN EDITOR. The first part doesn’t have a lot to do with the second but that’s okay. That is, in the future. If anyone ever hires me. Please hire me.

I also enjoy:

haven't actually opened any of these though
haven’t actually opened

The last I left off was Chapter 5 Brent Weeks’s Shadow’s Edge, which is part two of the Night Angel trilogy. Amazing world-building, plot, character development, but you know…the raping, pillaging, and murder kind of got to me. That and school assignments. Been refreshing up on my Gulliver’s Travels and Anne Bradstreet courtesy of 18th Century British and American Literature courses if that’s any consolation.

As for actual content, it’ll be a personal mix of updates. Things to look out for:

  • Tarot card readings and Zodiac fortunes! I’m a sucker for those things.
  • Kendo Journal; that one martial arts club I joined and how bad I am
  • NYU! I like it kinda sorta maybe
  • NYC outings…when I have the time/money/friends
  • My [very exciting and sort of paid] Job Shelving at a Library
  • My [increasingly fruitless] Internship Search
  • All of my interests and opinions! All of them. Too many. What a geek.

More actually about me at my about page.

Got stories to share as well? Send me a guest blog draft and I’ll link back to you as well (shoot me an e-mail: or write a comment/feedback!).

Thanks for reading, and I hope you follow and stick around~ v u v


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