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Soy; in Adventure Time!

What time is it??

I certainly had time – two and a half hours of it to wait in line in the increasingly chilly October nights at Forbidden Planet NYC to attend the Adventure Time Encyclopedia Book Signing!
(*Note: this was Thursday, Oct 10. I totally started this and then decided to sleep for the bus ride to Cornell instead)

Guest stars?

“Martin Olson (AKA The Lord of Evil, and author of the Adventure Time Encyclopaedia), Olivia Olson (the voice of Marceline), Jessica Dicicco (Flame Princess), and AT illustrators Celeste Moreno and Mahendra Singh”

I arrived at 5:30pm for the 6-8pm event, but was still pretty far back in line and thus the two and a half hour waiting time. Luckily, I had friends to save my spot as I ran in and bought the book they were selling to sign during the wait. The unfortunate side effect was that they no longer allowed us to get a picture with the guests in order to speed things up, however we were still allowed to take pictures OF them!

I was extreemely tongue-tied while approaching them because WOW, I so admire what they do, and I would give quite a lot to be in their position. I would love to be a voice actress for cartoons or anime dubs, but it’s such a hard industry to break into, and my acting/voice skills are far below the threshold of impressing them. Still, I loved meeting talented, famous people who deserve all their praise in person! All I managed to get out was a rather small, “I love your voice work!”, “I love the design of the book and the detail.”

Without further ado:

Jessica Dicicco (Flame Princess)
Jessica Dicicco (Flame Princess)

Super cute little Jessica Dicicco stuck a bookmark with her characters, name, and handed the book along with a smile!

Olivia Olson (Marceline)
Olivia Olson (Marceline)

Super pretty Olivia had a smooth, low voice without Marceline’s darker charisma, so it was lightly casual for a change.

Martin Olson (Hunson Abadeer /author)
Martin Olson (Hunson Abadeer /author)

The amazing author, and voice for the Lord of Evil, or Marceline’s Dad! Hurray for real-life dads who can write in-character.

Celeste Moreno (illustrator)
Celeste Moreno (illustrator)

We owe the art direction in the book to this woman, who did not hesitate to immediately highlight the credit of the other artists.

Mahendra Singh (second illustrator)
Mahendra Singh (second illustrator)

As pointed out by Celeste, the chapter break, darker picture breaks are all drawn by this man!

Wonderful cast and staff indeed, completely left me speechless just seeing them upfront and having them simply see and smile at me was great. It was sweet of some of them to ask for my name and sign it in all of their individual ways, as seen below:

Evil <3
Evil ❤

Over the beautifully sketched map of Ooo, you can see their signature locations of choice.

The book itself is VERY high quality. Impressive hardcover with a raised texture on the front, vibrant colors, and quality paper that was decorated from border to border with pictures and witty text.
Plus, I got a free Ice King medallion that was distributed to NYCC attendees (lucky, since I couldn’t attend) for being there! Sadly I did not win the swag bag raffle. To the right, you can see Jessica Dicicco’s cute personal bookmark.

orig for NYCC attendees
Medallion of the Ice King

(plus my embarrassing cinamonroll slippered feet made the shot, oops)

Now onto more of book’s contents. Along with the map page originally shown, the book is just full with these fun illustrations, along with occasional screencaps from the show. What’s unique is that this is not a comic compilation, but an actual thought-out encyclopedia that offers a lot of summarized show details along told through the lofty and dark voice of Lord Abadeer, with running commentary via the doodles by Marceline, Finn, and Jake on the sides.

Here’s one of the black pages drawn by Mahendra Singh, along with a sample of the Lord of Evil’s rambling narcissistic voice:


And another shot with Marceline’s her red script, with more pages poking fun of itself in the most self-important manner possible:


If you enjoy the adventures of Fionna and Cake, there’s “exclusive cards” drawn by the Ice King, who apparently also dabbles in fanart!


Also another quirky thing they added: an “instruction manual” for BMO, including Korean to spoof Asian originated gaming consules (going off Ranicorn’s native tongue, I’m assuming)


Overall, this book was gorgeous, and will take many sittings to go over in thorough detail. Each time you return to it, there’s always one more comment in the margins, one more amusing gimmick to catch that skimming through won’t give you. Unlike the comics, which you may collect in whatever formats you like, this book is a piece of art that any fan would want to collect and enjoy. Seriously, take some time to look at the book in person, because everything from the design down to the flip book drawings in the bottom corner are so thoroughly thought out (try it yourself)!

I would say, definitely add this book to your collection, because it is not only endlessly entertaining for a mere $19.95, but visually stunning to flip through and grace your shelf (can be found cheaper online, I advise buying new).
My now-personalized copy was well worth the wait and purchase, so I will have something to relax with at night. It is a book you won’t find elsewhere, and will want to hold in your hands and slowly soak in. Everyone, go forth and purchase your own copies of this fancy, silly, fantastical Encyclopaedias!!

PS. Now that I have finished this review, I will get onto the main event tomorrow: Cornell results huehuehue. Hold your breath for that one, because it was one heck of a time!


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