Soy; a Vitasoy Winner!

So I recently won a raffle in one of Vitasoy’s Facebook Scavenger Hunt event and today a box came for me in the mail!

What’s this?


Excuse you that is not “Firm Tofu” that is false advertising. Upon opening, it is mostly packing peanuts and one well-protected mug.


Wow, a really cute ceramic mug with a rubber insulated top addition for hot drinks! And what’s inside that little replica box of mini vitasoy?


ANOTHER mini vitasoy? #vitasoyception


The top comes off – it’s a USB drive! Mystery solved!

This has been me getting overly excited over meticulous branding and replications in free raffle products for fans. I mean, look at how they gave me a USB drive that looks exactly like a soymilk carton (down to the flap folds and nutritional values) inside a box of the same nature that served no purpose other than to hold it. Thank you Vitasoy for your products and giveaways prompted by their new website, and for sharing a name similarity with me that coincidentally created my username and this blog!

Also sorry for the bad lighting in the photos and messy desk. I don’t know where the Q-tip came from either.


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