Soy; writing for MoarPowah!

Just a quick update before I give a recount of the recent BU Kendo tournament and then catch up on more final essays – I’ve started writing for!

More specifically, I am a weekly staff writer and my column (soon to be named) is about anything Vocaloid-related (if you don’t know what that is, I suggest you check out some pages in this wikia). That is, I will be blogging posts on news and mostly song/PV reviews, along with cultural spotlights like NicoNicoDouga song and dance covers. I am a really big fan of most Japanese pop music, which includes the virtual. Check out my first post that is already live there, and hopefully if you’re interested, you’ll follow up every Thursday!

MoarPowah in general is a site that a couple of my friends (like The Wandering Girl) blog their interests on. The range is extensive and includes anything that has to do with entertainment, but mainly pieces about comics, movies, music, and general geek fandom fun. Post categories range from impressions, opinion debates, analysis and even recipes. It consistently gets an average of something like 600k views per day and is personally run, so it’s pretty impressive for a little blog site that took off.

That has been my little promotional spot for the day, and while it doesn’t mean I’ll keep all of my geeky interests completely off this blog, I will only be writing about Vocaloids in particular on MoarPowah (other Asian singers are still free reign). After this, I’ll be concentrating on writing some academic papers and then working for the summer. Hopefully, the summer blockbusters and events yield some fun things for me to chew on this year. Thanks for reading!


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