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Revamp and Rebrand, 2016 Update

My dog, Sushi. He has a FB page here at Sushi DeSu. Photo (c) my father.

It’s been an embarrassingly long time since I’ve updated at all. Between graduating, writing reviews elsewhere, and general adult-ing, it’s been 2 years…yeesh. I’m a huge fan of putting yourself out there and finding like-minded individuals to form the community of you.

Now I have to practice what I preach.

In my experience of bloggers, they write what they want and that goes out there into the void. But social media is more than the sum of your posts, so I’d like it to reflect myself as a person, not just my blogs. That means an overhaul is in store.

In writing absentminded posts and serious posts and just trying to pin down a voice of my own, I’ve been trying to find out what is blog-worthy. But in just living my life as a digital native and following other people, I’ve realized two things.

One – I like giving advice and helping others more than helping myself sometimes. I get my best moments of clarity fixing up someone else’s thoughts. Then afterwards, I get a little a-ha moment, where I think maybe that might just work on my own problem? Duh. Therefore, I’d like to showcase my interests in a way that might help others too.

Two – Readers are people, and they follow other people, not just blogs! My favorite youtubers share a lot about themselves, and even though I might have originally liked them for their dancing or fashion, I follow them straight to Facebook or tumblr or anywhere I am. So I, myself, am not going to designate my platforms as anything other than a place to connect to others.

Blog formats and themes from now on will try to match the kind of tone I am setting in my life.

Vidasoysweet’s theme at the core won’t change – life can be sweet. It is sweet, just not all the time. It’s something I have to remind myself of in the form of awesome writing and songs and people out there doing cool things. Hey, we get to be alive at the same time to discover them.

I’d like to formally meet you, anyone out there reading this, head on. So what excites you about life?


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