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Challenge: 50 #NighstandBooks for 2016


When 2016 rolled around, Goodreads sends you a little reminder that wow, your friends have taken on the New Year New Reading Challenge and YOU should make a pledge to read more too (it’s very good at that).

At first I didn’t think much of it, except that gee as a self-proclaimed book publishing lover, I should pledge a few too. So I set it at 50, a nice round number. Now that I work at Barnes & Noble, lots of new titles jump out at me and I’d have plenty to keep me interested.

Of course, 50 books / 12 months = around 4 books a month (it’s actually 2 books short). And mid-February rolled around, with my total at whopping 1 book (a graphic novel, at that).

But that’s not to say I haven’t been buying books. I’ve actually bought 3 titles that I recall, not including free books. They just all happened to be $1.99 deals on my Kindle, since I subscribe to a few daily deal newsletters and I’ve had my eye on a few books ever since.

A quick totaling of the books I’ve managed to finish last year and added to my Goodreads shelves adds up to 12. That’s 12 new books I’ve read in their entirety, yeesh. I didn’t really count graphic novels but I’ve read 3 or so of those. An additional 3 books were self-published ones I reviewed for a site, and I didn’t count either. But, 12 books total last year is only 1 book a month. To be honest, I actually only started reading those books come summer, when half the year was already up.

There was a noticeable point when all of this reading started – when I got my Kindle Paperwhite, a gift I picked out for my graduation and courtesy of my boyfriend. My Amazon wishlist is filled with titles I’ve been watching for sales. Sometimes my watching pays off, and I snag ones I’ve been waiting for (like A Court of Thorn and Roses by Sarah J. Maas).

So now that I’m facing my 50 book goal with a dose of realism, I need to set a game plan for myself, or else I’ll either be halfway through the year and up all night, or doing what I usually do and picking up and putting down books in favor of the newest releases.

To start with, I’m using a new hashtag to kickoff my deal-happy trigger finger = #Nightstandbooks. Nowadays I don’t have much of a physical pile since I just have to get through the rest of the ARCs and recommendations I’ve gotten, but my ebook list is weighing down mentally. Therefore, every time I buy a new under $5 deal, I’ll be tweeting it out to the world with #Nightstandbooks (after all, who doesn’t like a bargain). If by chance I buy a physical bargain (B&N has a great selection), I’ll even instagram it. I invite anyone who likes growing their pile to use the hashtag as well! Once you click on it, you can really marvel on your own book-buying habits.

I can’t promise I’ll review everything – I don’t like reviewing or rating anything I feel meh about, because I’m probably not the right audience. However, I WOULD like to get some use out of all my reading and I don’t want to leave my blog hanging. Therefore, anything I deem at least 3.5 stars or above, I’ll try to review on here and Goodreads. That’s a “worth checking out at minimum” by me. When I discuss it, I’ll still use the hashtag #Nightstandbooks – so you can see if the deals paid off or not. To distinguish my own blog from, I won’t review comics, manga, graphic novels (that would go there, but if it’s a lengthy one it might count towards my goal).

And hey, Emma Watson has her new feminist Goodreads Book Club Group (Our Shared Shelf). Harry Potter is finally coming out with another to it’s series, so that all us non-Britons can experience The Cursed Child. It’s a good year for reading.

Next Project in the works: Starting up my own Book Club, and opening it up to takers!


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