Who’s Vida is this exactly


Vidasoy, also known as just plain-flavored Vida.

Chinese American, 5’0″ and the kind of book nerd that likes to figure people out.

The Latest:

  • Part-time Bookseller at Barnes & Noble
  • NYU Summer Publishing Institute, Summer 2015
  • New York University, Class of 2015
  • Liberal Studies Program to College of Arts & Science student
  • English Major with minors in Creative Writing & Media, Cultures, and Communications


  • Cosplayer (and Masquerade skit director)
  • Games
  • Japanese Pop Music & Fashion
  • Dance Covers
  • Beginner Kendoka (Japanese swordfighting)
  • Hobby Tarot reader, Zodiac signs, and Fortune Teller

The Past:

  • Secretary of said NYU Kendo Club, as well as EALS (East Asian Literature Society)
  • Worked as a Student Reference Assistant at NYU Bobst Library


That being said, this is just a casual blog by a girl who would like to stave off the ever-increasing jaded feeling living in New York gives you. Posts are going to be varying levels of serious, usually just lots of geeking out, freaking out, and learning how to life better as I go along. Analyzing cultural, media, and fan-related phenomena is my main pastime.

Questions/want to chat me up?

E-mail: vida.sun.shi@gmail.com

twitter: @Vida_Shi


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